What we do

We monitor and share the wrong doings and questionable actions of the police and other enforcers – judges, aldermen, teachers, parents, whomever – in writing, with photos and/or on videos.

If you see a police officer in Chicago talking on his cellphone, make sure you get that to us because there is a cellphone ban in Chicago.  They write thousands of violations a year to “regular” people, but are often observed doing the same thing on a daily basis.  It’s not right.  Also, if you want to sue your lawyer for making you lose a case even though you know that case will probably never take place, feel free to use this space to vent your frustrations.  Lastly, if your mother tells you that you can use the car on Friday night, and then tells you that you cannot use it until you have cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, washed the dog…then share that, too.  Although it isn’t a contradiction, it’s just not fair – to you.  So, these are some of the stories we are looking for on the blog.

Essentially, we are looking for contradictions and unfair treatment in enforcement.


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4 Responses to “What we do”

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Thanks for this. I will check it out.

I believe this is a brilliant idea. Minorities need something in their honor. There are Elvis Presley dolls and figurines. There are Abraham Lincoln memoires. There are even Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Most of these collectibles are of good nature and have earned the right to be in the wall of fame. I believe our little black girls should also be able to have a memoir of heroins of their own. The Sasha and Malia dolls will be a start.

Elvis Presley was an entertainer. Abraham Lincoln was a president. Betty Boop was a cartoon. Marily Monroe was an entertainer. All of these people were adults. Like you said, those adults EARNED the right to be on the wall of the fame.

Barack Obama earned his spotlight. Sasha and Malia are his children. The only thing they’ve “earned” was a puppy, and that was after U.S. citizens voted their father into his current position. Technically, they did not earn the puppy but I’m trying to be nice here.

I’m not knocking these little girls by any means, but how can you be a heroine if you haven’t done anything? Sasha and Malia are little girls trying to live a normal life. What qualifies them to be heroines?

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