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Still Trying to Determine a Direction

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The Legal Police is a site that will provide information that can be used by all audiences.  I am still trying to determine the direction I want to go.  A few thoughts I had.

1. Report cases of excessive force by police officers
2. Document the reported violent deaths of young people
3. Follow-up on people who served time for crimes they did not commit

Oh, I don’t know.  There are just so many options.  Something will come to me soon.  Bear with me.

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Under Construction

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We are undergoing construction at this time.  We’ll return with new and improved content. 

Legal Police

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The Legal Police’s Bad Legal Situation – Update

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I still do not have my documents or a refund.  But I did receive a call from my assigned attorney, Patrick Reda, from The Law Firm of Ernesto Borges on Friday, January 16, 2009. 

He called to inform me that my claim was never served to the defendants, and it was returned  on November 23, 2008.  He did tell me that it would have to be re-served ASAP or it would no longer be valid.  He also offered to re-submit it at no cost.  Well, that’s a great offer considering time is quickly fading due to his lack of action.  AND, if he was really concerned about my case, he would have re-served the claim waaaaaaaaaaaay before now.  It is almost 2 months later!!!  Jeez!  Good help is hard to find.

Honestly, I think that the only reason why he is addressing my case now is because I went to the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission for assistance.  Otherwise, it probably would have fallen through the cracks and I would have been overly SOL!

So, beware of Attorney Patrick Reda and the Law Office of Ernesto Borges.  They leave alot to be desired in customer service and follow-up. 

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State Farm Insurance & Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Ugh!

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Yesterday, I had the most frustrating experience with State Farm Insurance and Enterprise Rent-A-Car on 7001 S. Western. 

I took my car to the repair shop a little after 9:30 a.m.  All of the paperwork was complete so I didn’t have to do anything except sign on a couple lines and wait for a ride to Enterprise.  The young lady came a little after 10:00, picked up one more person, and took us to Enterprise.  Do you know I waited for a little over an hour for a car because the people at State Farm did not do what they were supposed to do on last Friday?

State Farm is the insurance provider of the owner of the vehicle that hit my car.  I received a call from them on Friday notifying me that repair for my ride was approved and I could take it in.  After confirming the repair shop and assuring me that my car rental was approved, the representative told me that everything was taken care of.  That was a great way to start the weekend.

My experience was altogether different.  When I got to Enterprise, I didn’t have any paperwork on me (that was really smart) and Doneshea, the young lady helping me, did not have record of my claim.  Great!  She called the repair company for the claim number which was easy enough.  She then called State Farm and spoke to Mark.  He was supposed to call her back right away which didn’t happen.  And wouldn’t you know that the place got really busy all of a sudden!  When we got to Enterprise, there was only one person ahead of me!  So, I sat there patiently while the three employees handled all of the customers that came in.  (Sometimes I wish I was a whiner and complainer like a lot of people.  However, their actions seldom yield any good results.)

Eventually, patience ran out.  At around 11:30, I asked Donesha if she could get me outta there by 12:00.  She said yes.  Mark from State Farm had not returned her call.  In her best efforts to help me out, she made a few phone calls.  I appreciate her for all of her help, but I was NOT happy.  I was really upset when I found out that a $100 security deposit was required.  WHAT?  No one said anything to me about spending any money!  That should have been communicated.

So, I got home and called State Farm.  The representative told me that my paper work was not processed on Friday like it should have been.  Had things been done correctly, State Farm would have sent the paperwork to Enterprise and I would have driven out waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the hour-and-a-half I spent in the place.   I did drive out of there a little after 12:00.  And get this, one of the salespeople told me that they had upgraded the car for my wait.  Puleeze!  They gave me the ugly Chevy HHR because it was the only car available at that time!

Ok, that is the end of my whine and moan session.  Thanks for listening.

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Happy Holidays from the Legal Police

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The Legal Police would like to wish a very special happy holidays to you and yours.  Be safe and have a prosperous 2009.

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