Ty Inc.’s Sasha and Malia Dolls

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Malia & Sasha Dolls

Malia & Sasha Dolls

Ty Inc., the company best known for Beanie Babies, has gotten really creative.  They introduced the Sasha and Malia dolls this month.  Made in the likeness (allegedly) of the daughters of President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, these dolls are members of their Ty Girlz collection.  Mrs. Obama is not having it.  But can you blame her?

I have three thoughts about these dolls.

First, these girls are children.  Malia and Sasha are 10 and 7 years old, respectively.  This is exploitation at its worst.  And why does the Malia doll look like she has breasts?  She’s a kid!!!

Second, Jenna Bush, Barbara Bush, Chelsea Clinton, or any of the other first children never had such “honors” in their names?  Why were dolls made of these young people?  Was it because of their age?  Or their color?  Hey, I’m just asking.  I don’t think anyone ever tried to profit from the Kennedy kids on this level.

Third, if Malia and Sasha were not in the spotlight, would Ty Inc. feel that they were worthy of duplication?  Probably not.  I have to go back to my initial point: they are kids!  They should be protected as much as possible by any means necessary.

To me, this issue is bigger than about Ty Inc. not getting the permission to create the dolls.  It’s about putting a price tag on somebody’s children. I don’t care whose babies they are.  I personally feel that children are too valuable to put a price on.  So, to the creative geniuses at Ty Inc.: Sasha and Malia are NOT for sale!

Read more at http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-talk-tygirlzjan22,0,5205363.story,.
The photo was duplicated from the same article.


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23 Responses to “Ty Inc.’s Sasha and Malia Dolls”

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This company should leave these girls alone. I heard some chatter about the company picking the names Sasha and Malia because they were popular names. Is anyone else rolling their eyes?

These people are on some bull! These names did not popular until the Obamas came along. Coincidence? Not likely.

I agree with this article 100%! This company has crossed the line. Stores should refuse to have it on the shelves, and they need to shut down production!

Stores probably see more dollar signs than Ty Inc. with these dolls. I guess they say everyone else is capitalizing from the Obama name, why shouldn’t they.

I feel two ways about it (both pros and cons).
On one hand you do have exploitation. The company seems to be taking advantage of their popularity. However, on the other hand, as you mentioned, what other famous child received such a great light? They made a bobbing head doll for their father because of the public’s great love and admiration for him and people bought them. It may very well be exploitation but it can also be looked upon as roll model that young black girls can aspire to.

Most famous children are in film and movies. Malia and Sasha are neither performers nor entertainers, and have not been as far as I know. So, please tell me why these children have dolls made like them? Ok, they made a bobbing head for their father. He is a grown man. These girls are children. They need to be protected at all costs.

Let’s look at Hannah Montana. She has her own show and CD. So, it makes since to include a doll in the marketing mix. She’s a hot number right now. She’s also a teenager. I am not sure how old she was when she first started, but a doll makes since she’s already in the spotlight.

I can see your point about Sasha and Malia being role models for young black girls. However, I don’t think a doll is the way to go. How about a Sasha and Malia book or TV show teaching self-esteem and values? How about teaching how to be a good sister or friend? Dolls will not bring value to the girls getting them. However, they will bring lots of money to the people who made them.

Ty Inc. should be made an example of by paying the Obamas, for exploiting them babies.

I think the Obamas should sue Ty Inc. anyway. If the shoe were on the other foot, Ty Inc. would probably have started a case by now.

I think it is deplorable. The kids should be protected at all costs. That said, I think there will be an effort to produce dolls of color for mainstream consumers. That is well overdue.

Do you think mainstream consumers would buy dolls of color if the names “Sasha” and “Malia” were not attached to them?

First of all they made the dolls the same height!!! Malia is older and taller. Therefore, they should have made the dolls different in height. Lastly, people have already made their Father into a cash cow!!!! leave his daughters out of it!!! It’s greed!!!!!

I agree. They have profitted from President Obama and the children should be left alone. But, did I miss something or did the older doll have breasts?

I have no thoughts on the Obama’s children just as I would suspect the Obama’s would not want us to have. They are children that will be raised as President Bush raised his daughters. They won’t be perfect but I think the greater question is: Why we are paying them so much attention? Truly it’s a look at a black family, but we need to be more concerned about the kids in our own community and not be embellished lives of our first Black Family as they are America’s family.

I think people are fascinated by the first family because they do not fit the stereotypes about Black people that are fed by the media. They are highly educated. They have a good marriage. They are successful. They have a family values. They did not allow their humble beginnings to stop them from reaching their current level of success.

The young people in the community are a different story. People are not caring too much because if they did, there would be fewer and different issues. That’s an altogether different topic!

I agree!! This company is trying to profit on the first Black President’s children, so distasteful:( The company should be sued and the dolls promptly removed…

I’m with you about the suit and removal.

It is crass commercialism at its worst – trying to capitalize on the new First Family.

Beanie Babies are no longer selling well, so the company has to do something to build sales.

I would hope that NO ONE would buy these dolls!

People have been capitalizing on the First Family for a long time. In fact, Barack Obama has had superstar status since he started running. However, I strongly feel that his children should be kept out of the limelight as much as possible.

When I first heard this story I was, I told my mother, “Well, it begins”. I hate to say it, but I figured something like this was going to happen. I am with their mother, being livid. Kids are not for sale. And that bull crap about they liked the names, a bunch of bologna. These kids are not on Disney channel or Nickoledeon who have their own show where you know merchandise is created in the “likeness” of the child to continue to advertise and promote their product. Ty Inc. better be careful, they don’t know about a black momma who will protect their kids at all cost. I know this maybe bad to say, but the first thought that came to mind was 1st Lady saying, “Do you know who I am? I am Mrs. President. I will shut this place DOWN”. Ty will be no more.

Even though the dolls seem like an innocent idea on the surface, people tend to take things to an extreme. For instance, the Malia doll appears to have breasts. The girl is 10 years old. Even if she does have “buds” right now, the doll should not reflect that because she is still a llittle girl. Ty Inc. started with the dolls of the girls, no telling what will come out next to take away the innocence of the little dears.

Why is when black people, whether they are football players, basketball players or any other sports figure, or anything of importance, you feel that it is ok to use them for your financial gain . Why !!!!!!!

Why did you not make Bush kids when they were drinking and driving drunk? Where are their dolls for sale to the public? Is it because they were white an we have to keep it QUIET and from pulic eye . ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel your frustration. The answer to your questions would be very interesting and eye opening.

Absolutely your best post yet, and totally a look at how far America has really come. Though I wouldn’t naively take race off the table, I believe it goes beyond race issues, to add unethical desparation. There is a short list of what people (companies) will NOT do to make money… if there is such a list.

Believe me, there are people outside of the “anti-Ty” bloggers at this site who will buy the dolls, or slam down their pens angry because they didn’t come out with the dolls first.

Let us now be conscious to not suck into the negativity… and, instead entrench ourselves in comfortable prayer that “… no weapon formed against [children] will prosper….” Believe that the Obamas know they cannot wade through the “First” term with anger as a primary option.

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