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Blagojevich Got the Boot!

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Rod Blagojevich has been ousted by a state senator vote of 59-0.  They also voted against him holding future public office in Illinois.  He is now a citizen and all security protections have been removed.  Although he will no longer get a salary, he still gets retirement benefits.  This means that he are still in the pockets of Illinois citizens even though his colleagues feels that his actions were wrong.

On January 22, 2009, his wife Patti was removed from her $100,000 a year position as a fundraiser for the Christian Industrial League.

What’s next for the Blagojevich family?

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More Thoughts About the Sasha & Malia Dolls

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From S. Mays:

“I think that this is another opportunity for white people to make money.  The company should have gotten permission to use their names.  I agree Mrs. Obama statement that was shown on channel 7 news last night.”

From D. Fagan:
“That sh*t is messed up!”

From P. White:
“I believe this is a great idea.  Why?  There are numerous collectible items other nationalities have.  To name a few, Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Wonder Pets, GI Joe Men, Elvis Presley, Dora, Diego, Sponge Bob, The Bratz, American Girls, Build-a-bear, etc.  These forementioned items represent other nationalities, so why can’t Blacks have a collectible exclusively representing the Black girl and the Black woman?  Since Blacks have been forced to familiarize themselves with the occurrences and ethnicities of other races, why can’t the same be done for us…the black woman and girl?  I’m not bitter of the forementioned, I would just like to see all other races familiarizing themselves with the Black race, in a good light; not what they see in the videos, jails, streets, and morgue.”

From A. Miles:
“They are cute.  I would like to see American Girl dolls done as well.”

From B. Morris:
“I think it is exploitive and invasive since they are minors.  It appears that there must not be a law against it since both parents are lawyers and have made no indication that they intend to stop it or at least insure that the girls receive a percentage of the profits.”

From V. Anderson:
“This isn’t right!  Those Beany Babies don’t resemble them at all, and the manufacturers did not get permission to make the dolls. ”

From O. Suarez:
“I think the girls are beautiful,  but they shouldn’t make them commercial.  These are real people, not actors, and should be respected as such.

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Ty Inc.’s Sasha and Malia Dolls

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Malia & Sasha Dolls

Malia & Sasha Dolls

Ty Inc., the company best known for Beanie Babies, has gotten really creative.  They introduced the Sasha and Malia dolls this month.  Made in the likeness (allegedly) of the daughters of President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, these dolls are members of their Ty Girlz collection.  Mrs. Obama is not having it.  But can you blame her?

I have three thoughts about these dolls.

First, these girls are children.  Malia and Sasha are 10 and 7 years old, respectively.  This is exploitation at its worst.  And why does the Malia doll look like she has breasts?  She’s a kid!!!

Second, Jenna Bush, Barbara Bush, Chelsea Clinton, or any of the other first children never had such “honors” in their names?  Why were dolls made of these young people?  Was it because of their age?  Or their color?  Hey, I’m just asking.  I don’t think anyone ever tried to profit from the Kennedy kids on this level.

Third, if Malia and Sasha were not in the spotlight, would Ty Inc. feel that they were worthy of duplication?  Probably not.  I have to go back to my initial point: they are kids!  They should be protected as much as possible by any means necessary.

To me, this issue is bigger than about Ty Inc. not getting the permission to create the dolls.  It’s about putting a price tag on somebody’s children. I don’t care whose babies they are.  I personally feel that children are too valuable to put a price on.  So, to the creative geniuses at Ty Inc.: Sasha and Malia are NOT for sale!

Read more at,0,5205363.story,.
The photo was duplicated from the same article.

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The Legal Police’s Bad Legal Situation – Update

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I still do not have my documents or a refund.  But I did receive a call from my assigned attorney, Patrick Reda, from The Law Firm of Ernesto Borges on Friday, January 16, 2009. 

He called to inform me that my claim was never served to the defendants, and it was returned  on November 23, 2008.  He did tell me that it would have to be re-served ASAP or it would no longer be valid.  He also offered to re-submit it at no cost.  Well, that’s a great offer considering time is quickly fading due to his lack of action.  AND, if he was really concerned about my case, he would have re-served the claim waaaaaaaaaaaay before now.  It is almost 2 months later!!!  Jeez!  Good help is hard to find.

Honestly, I think that the only reason why he is addressing my case now is because I went to the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission for assistance.  Otherwise, it probably would have fallen through the cracks and I would have been overly SOL!

So, beware of Attorney Patrick Reda and the Law Office of Ernesto Borges.  They leave alot to be desired in customer service and follow-up. 

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is Alright with Me

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I received a call from Martin Plush, a District Manager, at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  He was really apologetic about my extended wait on Tuesday.  He even offered to compensate an entire week’s rental for me.  Now, that’s customer service.  What makes his offer truly great is that my extended wait was not their fault.  It was State Farm’s fault, but Enterprise is making up for it.

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State Farm Insurance & Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Ugh!

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Yesterday, I had the most frustrating experience with State Farm Insurance and Enterprise Rent-A-Car on 7001 S. Western. 

I took my car to the repair shop a little after 9:30 a.m.  All of the paperwork was complete so I didn’t have to do anything except sign on a couple lines and wait for a ride to Enterprise.  The young lady came a little after 10:00, picked up one more person, and took us to Enterprise.  Do you know I waited for a little over an hour for a car because the people at State Farm did not do what they were supposed to do on last Friday?

State Farm is the insurance provider of the owner of the vehicle that hit my car.  I received a call from them on Friday notifying me that repair for my ride was approved and I could take it in.  After confirming the repair shop and assuring me that my car rental was approved, the representative told me that everything was taken care of.  That was a great way to start the weekend.

My experience was altogether different.  When I got to Enterprise, I didn’t have any paperwork on me (that was really smart) and Doneshea, the young lady helping me, did not have record of my claim.  Great!  She called the repair company for the claim number which was easy enough.  She then called State Farm and spoke to Mark.  He was supposed to call her back right away which didn’t happen.  And wouldn’t you know that the place got really busy all of a sudden!  When we got to Enterprise, there was only one person ahead of me!  So, I sat there patiently while the three employees handled all of the customers that came in.  (Sometimes I wish I was a whiner and complainer like a lot of people.  However, their actions seldom yield any good results.)

Eventually, patience ran out.  At around 11:30, I asked Donesha if she could get me outta there by 12:00.  She said yes.  Mark from State Farm had not returned her call.  In her best efforts to help me out, she made a few phone calls.  I appreciate her for all of her help, but I was NOT happy.  I was really upset when I found out that a $100 security deposit was required.  WHAT?  No one said anything to me about spending any money!  That should have been communicated.

So, I got home and called State Farm.  The representative told me that my paper work was not processed on Friday like it should have been.  Had things been done correctly, State Farm would have sent the paperwork to Enterprise and I would have driven out waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the hour-and-a-half I spent in the place.   I did drive out of there a little after 12:00.  And get this, one of the salespeople told me that they had upgraded the car for my wait.  Puleeze!  They gave me the ugly Chevy HHR because it was the only car available at that time!

Ok, that is the end of my whine and moan session.  Thanks for listening.

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The Legal Police’s Bad Legal Situation

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My Attorney

My Attorney

I paid a retainer for attorney representation on a legal issue on July 15, 2008.  Do you know my case has not progressed due to the lack of action by the lawyer?  AND, he has not given me my documents or my money back at my request.  I had to go to the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplary Commission for intervention.

Here’s the situation.  I  went to the Law Offices of ****** for assistance with a legal issue.  I was assigned to the attorney who said that he had won cases similar to mine in court.  Cool.  I spoke with him and paid my retainer.  This was the beginning of a poor attorney-client relationship. 

During our initial meeting, this attorney advised me on what I needed to do to progress.  I completed that process and submitted documents to him on September 2, 2008.  I left a message for him to call me when he had received the documents.  He did not.  I left him an email message.  He did not respond.  It normally took 2-3 days for this guy to call me back.  After a couple weeks of this, I sent him a letter and copied the owner of the law firm letting him know that I wanted to terminate the relationship.  He said that he would do better with communicating.  He started off OK, but ended up doing the same thing – NOTHING.

The attorney told me that my suit would be filed on September 22, 2008.  I received a call from a different attorney on November 3, 2008 at the office that my complaint was given to the sheriff’s office on October 24, 2008.  Isn’t that horrible?  After that phone call, I received an email from the assigned attorney that my case was transferred to the person who called on November 3rd.  I called to speak to the new attorney the following week and learned that he was no longer with the law firm and my case was transferred back to the assigned attorney!!!!  That was just too much.

I called the owner of the law firm for assistance, and he NEVER called me back.  Ever.  I then sent him a letter on November 3rd informing him of the situation and told him that I needed to terminate my relationship with the law firm. I also requested my documents returned along with a refund by December 3, 2008.  When I did not hear back from him, I contacted the disciplinary organization for assistance.  In the interim, I sent a letter to the assigned attorney asking for my documents and my money by December 15th.  I still do not have them.  I even called the assigned attorney for my documents and did not get them.

Why am I sharing this?  Because I need to.  I did not share the name of the law firm or the names of the attorneys because of the status of the case.  When my documents and money are returned to me, I will definitely share that information.

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