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Happy Holidays from the Legal Police

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The Legal Police would like to wish a very special happy holidays to you and yours.  Be safe and have a prosperous 2009.

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Will the Scales of (In)Justice Change with a Black President?

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Scales of (In) Justice

Scales of (In) Justice

An anonymous reader shared the following story and ended it with an interesting question.  What are your thoughts?

I recently attended court in New Orleans and I was very surprised at the level of racial injustice.  A white male had been arrested for drug possession with the intent to distribute (they called it a different term but that’s what it meant).  He had cocaine, heroine, meth, and one other drug I had never heard before.   Additionally, a black male was caught
trying to sell  a small quantity of crack cocaine  to a police officer.   The white male was sentenced to 5 years probation while the black male was sentenced to ten years in prison.  I don’t know much about drug crimes but the white male had four different types of drugs in comparison to the black man.  They through out his intent to distribute charge and just charged him with possession. 

My question is:  Do you think there will be racial equality in the criminal justice system now that Barack Obama will be our next President?

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My New Blog Site – As Not Seen on TV

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I am going to kick off my new blog site at the beginning of the year – As Not Seen on TV. 

AS NOT SEEN ON TV is the official site of the world’s largest online resource promoting POSITIVE images, stories, and messages about people, events, and things that may not be covered by mass media.

I want to encourage others to join me in uncovering hidden treasures in our communities and sharing them with others.  Stories to look for include, but are not limited to:

1.      Teens and other young people doing good things – good grades, playing sports and other activities, scholarships, perfect attendance

2.      Images and stereotypes about minorities opposite of those promoted by the media (when they are actually covered).

3.      Success stories in light of statistics.  For example, according to Divorce, the median duration of first marriages that end in divorces is 7.8 years for males and 7.9 years for females.  Thus, couples married 10 years or more will be featured.

4.      People doing great things in the community no matter how great or small

5.      Small business owners that have been serving communities for years

6.      The real truth about what’s going on in other countries around the world

7.      “Real life” of celebrities as told by celebrities or those close to them.  Show them as people not as entertainment.

8.      “Reformed” members of society.  These are people who previously did bad things, served their time, and are now doing positive things.

9.      Diverse cultures living in harmony.  There is very little diversity shown on television shows.

10.  Women in male dominated careers and men in female dominated careers.  This is not a bad thing, but you rarely hear about these professionals.

11.  Events sponsored by smaller organizations that are serving the community but get little or no publicity.

12.  Milestone anniversaries and birthdays of people, events, and businesses.

13.  People who have succeeded in spite of circumstances in life.  They refused to allow their backgrounds and situations make them victims.


If you have any stories to share, hold them until the beginning of the year.  I would love to have you to contribute to my site.


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Daley’s Vehicular Congestion Reduction Plan

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I read the most entertaining post about Daley’s downtown parking plan.  Check it out here at

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Gov. Blagojevich – Should he resign or get impeached?

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Gov. Blagojevich

Gov. Blagojevich

It’s great to be an Illinoisian.  Not only were we blessed with the biggest winner this year – President-elect Barack Obama, we were also cursed with the biggest losers of the year – Drew Peterson and Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Ahh, our dear Governor.  I really don’t know what to say about this guy.  Actually, I really don’t think much more can be said since the media has probably voiced it all.  To keep this posting short, I won’t say anything.  However, I would love to hear from you. 

Do you think he should resign?  Get impeached?  Do you care?  Hit me back with your thoughts.
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Side Streets are NOT Safe!

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Snow Plow in Chicago

Snow Plow in Chicago


Daley is a genius!  His bright idea not to plow side streets during winter storms in Chicago is absolutely wonderful.  In fact, turning side streets into ice skating rinks is the best idea he’s had all year.  What tax-paying adult in his or her right mind would NOT want the responsibility of helping to keep the streets cleaned when their tax dollars should be used for this service?  Why would we NOT want to help the city save money at the expense of colliding with another vehicle, pole or person due to factors beyond our control?  (Did I mention that tax dollars are being taken for this service?)   Why should we NOT be concerned about the possibility of a child getting hit by a car that skids across the ice that should be plowed with our tax dollars?

I am certain that Mayor Daley’s streets are cleaned as soon as the weather man reports the possibility of snow.  Why would he stop this service in Chicago?  There is a reason why it is nicknamed “The Windy City,” and we feel it every time the wind blows.  It’s worse in the winter.  Why would he even consider such a dangerous and idiotic solution to his budget problem?

To my Honorable Mayor Richard Daley, I just want you to know that I would love to be able to drive and not fear colliding into anyone or anything in your efforts to save money.  Maybe if you would come up with a lower-cost solution to maintain Millenium Park or cash in on cheap airfares, the residents and the side streets would be a lot safer.

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Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested

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Governer Rod Blagojevic was arrested on conspiracy and bribery charges on today.  He allegedly try to sell President Elect Barack Obama’s senate seat.   His arrest proves that no one is above the law.  It also shows that all wrong will eventually come to light.  Unfortunately, it is also evidence of the state of politics in Illinois.  It is no secret that Chicago, Illinois, and Cook County has a terrible history of being corrupt.  The crooked people are being exposed.  All I want to know is – when is Daley’s turn?

Read here for more details about Blagojevich’s arrest:

WGN: Ill. governor arrested in corruption scandal

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City of Chicago Amnesty Program

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Do you owe outstanding parking or red light tickets issued prior to January 1, 2007?
    – If so, take advantage of this program now! If you pay your tickets in full, the City will waive 50% of the penalties for those tickets.

Do you owe boot, tow, and storage fees for a vehicle no longer in the City’s possession?
    – If so, pay your tickets in full or get on a payment plan, and the City will waive them in full.

Have you previously defaulted on a payment plan?
    – During the amnesty, you can get a new payment plan. The City will waive the $100 penalty.

 * For more information, visit or call (312) 744-PARK.
 * Motorist who fail to take advantage may incur collection costs and become boot eligible for two tickets at least a year old once the program ends.


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Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama’s Secretary of State

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I have two thoughts on this issue.  First, I’m sure the hiring of Hillary Clinton, the rival who bad-mouthed Barack Obama at each level of the game – even though they were both on the Democratic party ticket – appear to be a noble act on the surface.  However, I am a firm believer in “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”  Apparently, so is Obama.

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