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Cuts in Chicago Police Department

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“Last month, Chief Financial Officer Paul Volpe pointedly refused to rule out police and fire layoffs — even as homicides and other violent crime continue to rise — to close a $420 million budget gap over this year and next. But police officers and firefighters are not among those targeted for layoffs.”

This is real rich.  The already understaffed police department may cut more officers.  I’m sure that the funds being used toward the 2016 Olympics bid could cover some of the gaps in the budget.  They Mayor’s priorities are pretty questionable.  But, what else is new?


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Expectation of A Safe Environment

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While watching the news report (channel unknown) of a 13-year-old who was allegedly ganged raped in broad daylight at Seward Park in Chicago on September 22, 2008, only Caucasian people were shown in the report. The park in which the attack occurred located in a cuturally diverse and mixed-income community. The news report showed the caucasian people and made the comment that the people in the community have “an expectation of a safe environment.”

This rather offended me because my translation of the news report was that only Caucasian people have such an expectation. I feel that everyone should have an expectation of a safe environment regardless of their location. Correction, everyone should live in such an environment. However, the reality is a lot different.

I just wanted to get that off of my chest because it is really disturbing to watch the news. What’s worse is that someone, somewhere, is taking everything they see on the news at face value. Thankfully, I am not that one.

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Gotta Love Our Mayor

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It’s great to have the leadership of our beloved Mayor Daley who put more emphasis on the Cubs and White Sox wins to the post season games than on Chicago’s failing public schools and crime-ridden communities. Isn’t he the greatest? Gotta love him!

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